Hairy Designs is the creation and brain-child of Andy Stroud, air-brush artist, illustrator and designer.

A graduate of Manchester College of Art and Design, Andy worked in the medical and automotive industries as a technical illustrator and product designer, until the heady scent of thinners and old petrol lured him permanently out of the studio. An irrational, but unusually common love of old motorcycles, choppers, streetfighters and hot rods fuelled the process.

Since forming Hairy Designs in 1998, Andy has painted many prize winning machines, gathering success for their owners here and abroad.

Andy’s inspirations are many and varied; early American comic books, Old Masters paintings, early copies of Street Chopper,Easyriders, Bike and Cycle World. All these influences, mixed with the next owner’s ideas, produce a rich background upon which to create original, ground-breaking new projects.

The standard of custom paintwork the world over is constantly rising. At Hairy Designs, we aim to push the bar higher.

Andy Stroud

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